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Pinterest offers more marketing potential for ecommerce businesses than any other social network. Pinterest has been around for a few years now and has grown into the 3rd most popular social network.  If you haven’t been using Pinterest or still not quite sure what it is, you can think of it is a visual online bulletin board that allows users to compile or “pin” all the great things they find online and then share those with other users that have the same interests. So you might be thinking “okay, so people, especially women, pin images of things they like and are inspired by into an online scrap book that they share with others, why is this good for my ecommerce business?”


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Ecommerce is a visual experience and so is Pinterest, making it the perfect platform to visually share your businesses personality, interests and showcase your products. Because Pinterest is primarily image based having large, high quality images is essential especially if you want your pins to get repined.


Content stays fresh on Pinterest meaning that pins are pinned and repined even if something that you added to a board over a year ago it. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, which are geared more towards fresh content postings and maintaining relationships with friends and family, Pinterest is more focused on bringing people together based on their common interests.  


Pinterest is super sticky. Pinterest users spend on average 1 hour and 17 minutes a month on the site which is more than three times the average monthly time spent on Twitter. By January 2012 Pinterest was getting 11.7 million unique monthly visitors and by the end of 2013′s first quarter, Pinterest had 48.7 million users.  80% of these users are women and 50% of them have children.


Pinterest users spend more. According to Practical Ecommerce, 1 in 5 Pinterest users will buy something that they have seen while pinning. These users will on average spend about $80 per purchase—more than double of Facebook buyers. 69% of online customers who visit Pinterest have found an item they have purchased.


Pinterest drives traffic. “Pinterest drives more referral traffic than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn combined”, according to The Huffington Post. When you pin your products or when users pin products from your website on Pinterest, an inbound link is created so that the viewer can be taken back to your online store.


Pinterest is a like search engine. Users search for products that match their interests on Pinterest to repin on their board.  To help get your pins in front of users it is important to use the keywords in your pin and board descriptions. Just like when writing content for your website, do not keyword stuff your descriptions. Be authentic, write for your audience first and the use the keywords naturally as you would in a conversation.


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