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For companies using the popular Lettuce program for capturing and managing orders, hopefully they have heard the news that Lettuce is no longer supported and will be a thing of the past by sometime in the 4th quarter of 2015. To learn more about that, visit where they tell the story of their purchase by Quickbooks so that they can merge their technology into the Quickbooks Online program from Intuit. While this is probably a good thing for Quickbooks and the customers that like the purely “online” version of their popular accounting software, it leaves a hole for the huge number of small businesses that are using traditional versions of Quickbooks that are installed on their office network or personal computers. There are solutions, but not a lot of time to transition.

First, lets recap why Lettuce was really good:

  • They created a login access site that wholesalers could easily launch to capture orders from their B2B customers, primarily retail store owners
  • Those orders could be managed and invoiced and/or charged to client credit cards within Lettuce, essentially handling the invoicing side of the transaction
  • Inventory and warehouse management was a strong component of Lettuce
  • Shipping was easily handled through an integration to another 3rd party tool, ShipStation

Choosing Speartek to help you transition from Lettuce brings additional value

  • Speartek offers a B2B / wholesale ecommerce solution to help wholesalers handle their online sales to retailers
  • Unlike Lettuce, this solution can look exactly like the main website for the company or even be the main website for the company
  • If a wholesaler also wants to sell retail, that is not a problem and both can be done in the same website
  • Orders can be managed and shipped through ShipStation
  • Accounting – The transactions can be integrated into Quickbooks using Speartek integration partner Synqware so that the invoicing is handled through a system that is designed to do just that.
  • Your CPA will be happier because your sales and invoicing are all within the same system – Quickbooks
  • Inventory management could be moved to Quickbooks (if you have the right version) or there are dozens of 3rd party tools for just keeping up with your stock levels

Speartek has 15 years of experience providing wholesale ecommerce solutions for companies in the gift, home décor, promotional product, apparel, and industrial markets. We have a hosted and supported platform so you are never on your own as your business transitions to more and more online business. We understand the unique challenges of wholesale better than any other ecommerce provider and we can streamline your operations by integrating your website to accounting or ERP systems, fulfillment partners, or inventory management software.

To request a demo or a quote for transitioning your site, please contact us today.


About Speartek: Founded in 1999, Speartek provides unparalleled design, e-commerce development, and hosting solutions to companies of all sizes. Speartek’s versatile applications empower businesses to update content, manage online stores, and create email-marketing campaigns with ease. The Speartek team includes application development experts, web design specialists, experienced project managers, and U.S. based customer support professionals. For more information on Speartek, please visit

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