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Twitter has long offered a Promoted Tweets feature which allows advertisers to reach more people. The paid service has seen great growth. However, unlike other platforms, Twitter hasn’t had an advertising feature which allowed businesses to target specific groups, until recently. Last month Twitter rolled out a new enhancement of its Promoted Tweets feature called Targeted Tweets.


Promoted Tweets would require an advertisers to first post a message, or a tweet, to all of their followers. After the message was posted an advertiser could then target a specific group of consumers. But both Twitter and advertisers have realized that this formula is time-consuming and impractical.


As of last month, businesses both large and small can harness the benefit of sending out Targeted Tweets. This service allows advertisers to send Tweets to a specific group of consumers based on location, platform, or device. For example, an ice cream business in New York can send a tweet which offers a discount, but this time the tweet will only reach people in New York. Perhaps the largest benefit of Targeted Tweets is the ability to send targeted messages to only those specified, without first sending the tweet to every follower. This allows businesses to offer discounts, promotions, or updates for those on a certain platform or in a certain area.


Another interesting aspect of Targeted Tweets is it’s appearance on the timeline. Much like Promoted Tweets, Targeted Tweets will appear on the timeline for any follower to see. However, unlike Promoted Tweets a Targeted Tweet will flow with the timeline as users scroll down which offers more exposure.


Much like Promoted Tweets, Targeted Tweets is a paid service. However, this service is only paid when users engage with them. This means it’s a great way to test out new products or advertising tactics. In addition, Targeted Tweets that perform well and stimulate engagement are likely to gain exposure by appearing more often.


Twitter is one of the last to create targeted advertising options, making it a great move for any business. Previously, businesses did not advertise much on Twitter, but the new feature Targeted Tweets allows advertisers to easily reach thousands or millions of consumers. While Targeted Tweets doesn’t offer an in-depth selection process, businesses can now easily reach those in their area or on a specific platform. This latest attempt by Twitter to increase its advertising revenue is really a great option for businesses.


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