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We are proud to announce another exciting update to our ecommerce platform. Recently we added more flexibility and control over the order in which your products display on the category pages. Within our ecommerce admin tools, you can now apply a unique sort order to each category. This new feature was developed with flexibility in mind, allowing you to set the order the products in each of your categories by price, by date created, by part #, alphabetically or manually using drag and drop.


Applying one of the new sort options to your category is easy, simply click on the Sort Products button on the category details screen and click on the column header to apply an ascending or descending order or simply drag and drop each product to into the desired order. The global product sort order feature is still available to use, however any sort order that is applied on the category pages will have priority over the global sort order.


sort order screen shot


In addition to the updates to admin tools we have also updated the sort order options that display on the category pages of your website. Users now have the ability to sort the products in order of lowest price first, highest price first, newest, oldest, product name, part no/ sku and default (uses global sort order). If you have not seen this update on your category pages, you may have a custom category display that requires additional updates. Please contact our support team for questions or additional information.


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