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You asked, and we delivered! Packing slips are now available to use in the Transaction Manager.

Perfect for order picking and for shipping to customers, you can customize the header and footer with your logo and a brief message. The packing slip will include billing and shipping information as well as the order details. On any packing slip, you have options to suppress pricing, billing, or shipping information for those holiday gift orders!

To configure packing slips, log into your site’s admin area and select Transaction Manager. Once you’re in the Transaction Manager, use the drop-down menu at the top of the screen to select “Configure Packing Slip.”

Next, select the shop you’d like to configure packing slips for. Each group can have a different packing slip configuration, so choose the group you’d like to set up first.

Now you’re at the screen where you can customize your packing slips’ header and footer. We suggest including your logo and a short message thanking customers for their order. You may also want to include contact or return policy information here.

Once you’ve completed this step for one group on your site, you can then go back and complete this for the remainder of your groups. Once you’re happy with the format of the header and footer, you can go back to the Transaction Manager and click “Manage Web Orders” to see your packing slips in action. Select an order you’d like to work with.

Toward the bottom of the screen, you will see the option to “Print Packing Slip.” Select this option to preview your packing slip.

This is where you can suppress the prices, billing, or shipping information from your packing slip.

Once you’re satisfied with your packing slip, you can print to a printer from this screen, or you can save the packing slip as a PDF to your computer, if you have software enabled for printing to PDF.

If you have any questions on configuring or using packing slips, please get in touch with our Support team at


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