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Facebook Offers

Facebook has been a great platform for businesses to gain exposure. With Facebook Offers, businesses can easily drive new consumers to their business page. In addition, the offers displayed on Facebook encourage people to engage with your business and share your page with others. Currently, Facebook Offers are free, and they are only available for small businesses and in select areas.


Creating a Successful Facebook Offer


In order to create a successful Facebook Offer, the ad must be catchy and share-worthy. In addition, you’ll want to make sure that your offer is substantial enough to warrant shares, likes, and comments. While there is no minimum required offer, businesses are advised to use an offer of 20% off or more. Offers that give consumers significant savings are more likely to be used. Other offers that perform well may be “buy one, get one free” deals or free trials.


While you want the offer to save the consumer money, you also want it to be eye-catching. It’s best to use a to-the-point headline, a brief and clear explanation, and a stunning photograph. If people don’t understand what your offer is about, or worse it appears it be spam, they’ll leave and never return.


Facebook Offers can currently be targeted to certain demographics, specifically by language and country. You can choose who sees your offer by clicking the “Public” menu near the post button. Instead of public choose “Language/Location” and type in the countries or languages. After that, your offer will only be displayed to those specific people. As of now this is the only way to target certain demographics, but it may change in the near future.


Claiming and Tracking Offers


For consumers to take advantage of your offer they will be required to “like” your page. This allows you to gain new potential customers along with the potential for more exposure among their friends.  


With Facebook Offers, businesses can easily gain new fans, keep consumers up-to-date, and offer them special promotions. Take this opportunity to get new consumers and get your name out there. After all, social media is the best free way to advertise.Facebook Offers can also be tracked, which allows you to see how many people have claimed your offer. To track your offer, view your offer headline and below you will see a number, that’s how many have claimed your offer. In order to track the offers claimed in a store you will need to input a special sale code or train your employees to ask and keep a running tally.



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