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When your web site is set up by Speartek, we include everything you need to analyze your site’s performance in Google Analytics. What can you learn from your analytics? You can find out the basics like how many visitors you have and where they’re coming from, and with the new tools provided by Google, drilling down into the data and discovering new insights about your prospects and customers is easier than ever. If you’d like to learn more about Google Analytics, contact us using the form below to join our upcoming webinar on analytics and ecommerce.

One of the biggest questions we get is, “How important is mobile to my digital strategy?” Analytics provides a few different insights around mobile and your audience. First is the Mobile Overview report, accessible from the left-hand navigation under Mobile. This report breaks down the total number of sessions within the date range you’ve selected by device, and shows Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet.


Interesting data to examine here include the total sessions per device type – especially as a percentage of the whole. The next piece that’s telling is the bounce rate by platform. Bounce rate is the percentage of users who exit after viewing a single page, so if someone lands on your home page and then leaves immediately, without viewing a second page, that counts toward your bounce rate. Examine the bounce rate by platform to analyze if your mobile site is working for your audience. If your bounce rates are fairly consistent between platforms, that’s a good sign; if mobile is significantly higher than desktop, your users may not be getting what they need when viewing your site on a small screen.

Most telling of all is the Ecommerce Conversion Rate. This number tells you what percentage of users on each platform made a purchase. Again, if the rates are relatively consistent, that’s a great sign. Although more people are moving to mobile purchases, it’s still very common for users to do their research on mobile and make their purchase on desktop, so some drop-off between the desktop and mobile purchase rates is normal. If mobile is significantly smaller, you may want to consider making an investment in your mobile site to ensure users are getting what they need.

This is only a small sample of the data you can access through your Google Analytics account. With over 20 base reports that can each be customized with various dimensions, filters, and views, the insights you can uncover are almost endless. If you’d like to learn more about your site’s audience and behavior, including actionable recommendations for improving your site’s performance, get in touch below for information on our upcoming webinar on Google Analytics and a custom analytics audit of your ecommerce site.

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