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Featured Project: Dynasty Gallery

Dynasty Gallery creates beautiful hand made home décor, all in glass.  We redesigned their website to deliver a professional online presence and expanded functionality for wholesale and retail sales.  The results have been excellent with a significant increase in online sales.   See the new store design at: http://www.dynastygallery.com

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Larger Image Sizes in FaceBook’s Updated News Feed

Facebook recently rolled out an update to its News Feed to make the desktop view more consistent with the mobile. Facebook says” in the new design all images are larger, both organic stories and ads will be the same size — similar to the way images appear on mobile.”

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Check out Speartek’s NEW Help Videos

At Speartek, we strive to deliver bottom-line driven solutions that help businesses succeed on the web which is why we have a created a series of support videos on our Speartek Help & Support page. The videos are organized into seven help documentation categories and each video shows step-by-step visual and written instructions with the […]


Tools for Providing Excellent Customer Service for Ecommerce

What is the difference between customer service for an ecommerce site and a brick and mortar store? Simple, your ecommerce site may be selling the exact same products as a physical store, but they have the advantage of sales associates walking around asking if you have any questions or need help with selecting the right […]

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In the Breeze Launches New Wholesale Ecommerce Website

 Since 1985, In the Breeze has built a solid reputation in the outdoor decorative and kite wholesale market through great customer service and quality products (and now a fresh website to prove it!). Founders Bill Dual and Debbie Schomberg started out with a limited number of U.S.A. Made Windsocks, Baby Soc’s and 3D Flower Shape […]

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10 Photography Tips for Ecommerce Websites

Having excellent product photography for your ecommerce website can mean the difference between shoppers completing the sale or having your product glossed over in favor of one of your competitors. Creating high quality photos is one of the best investments you can make for your ecommerce business. If your budget allows for it, hire a […]